I am not sure how you are feeling right now reading this. You might be excitedly preparing for Christmas or trying desperately not to think about it. It is such an extraordinary time of the year.

A time which drives us; to the high street, to the supermarket, to the internet,  to the sparkling lights, to church, to new hope, to our family or friends, into the past or into debt or loneliness and occasionally despair. Sometimes in the days and weeks around Christmas we are 'driven to' all these places in a single day.

So many emotions, so much expectation, so much pressure to be happy, to make everyone else happy and to make memories. 

This too will pass. If you love Christmas and the message of love and hope that it brings, make the most of it, enjoy and celebrate it all as 'this too will pass'. And if you are dreading it remember to that 'this too will pass', it will soon be January, longer brighter days are ahead and you are not alone.  The feelings you are having are very normal and for so many people but hang in there, this too will pass.

We would love to see you, whether you want to talk about Christmas or not you would be very welcome and you don't have to eat mince pies, not unless you really want too!

Our regular sessions at Hope Trust on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday , please note we are closed between the 22nd of  December and 2nd of January. To find out more about Hope Trust T: 01394 272592, M:07845 202 112 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website www.hopetrust.org.uk or on our Facebook page: The Hope Trust

Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager