Are you good at wasting time? I know I am. Just had a quick look at something on my phone that led me down a few rabbit holes and half an hour has just disappeared. Or just occasionally when I am watching something on Catchup, intending to watch just one episode and somehow I end up watching a whole series, I am sure that's just me?

Or playing one game of Candy Crush which pulls me to another and another level. 

Perhaps getting lost in a good book is more your thing whether it be on paper, Kindle or listening to it.

It's true time flies when you are having fun or when you're just not paying attention!

Sometimes it's the opposite though and time just drags on, and even watching TV, playing on your phone or reading a book doesn't help. Sometimes loneliness can slow time down so it actually becomes painful.

A lot of our regular sessions run for about two hours, and it's amazing how quickly times flies when people are chatting, playing a game together or watching a film and enjoying a meal.

If you have a couple of hours to spare or too much time on your hands why not come and see us and we can help you spend some of that time enjoying the company and having some fun.

Our regular sessions at Hope Trust on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday we would love to see you. To find out more about Hope Trust T: 01394 272592, M:
07845 202 112 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website or on our Facebook page: The Hope Trust

Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager