Have you been on the new Ferris wheel on the sea front, the view from the top looks breathtaking. It certainly gives a change of perspective from the top, 34 meters up above the world. Some things, I’m told, look much smaller while others, like the ocean look even more vast.

For all of us life has its share of ups and downs. Sometimes the ups seem to be in the lead and sometimes it’s the downs. These ups and downs can change our perspective on life, those around us and ourselves. They can show us knew things, make us learn new skills, even if we didn’t want too, and make us stronger, eventually.

I have so much admiration for those people who have been through huge life changes with their health or a bereavement, those who have ridden the rollercoaster of change and loss, of pain and disappointment and are still standing and even smiling. They may have been thrown around, completely upside down and screaming at times but they have not given up. It may have taken some time and to be honest, pain, but they have been able to find a new way of living, a new perspective on what’s important to them and a different way to live.

I would always choose a Ferris wheel over a roller coaster, but in life we don’t always get to choose. One thing that helps when we are on a real-life roller coaster is to have people around you for when you need then. Someone to talk to, have a cuppa with, to get you out of the house for a bit.

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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager