Have you been enjoying the heat or is it too much for you? With temperatures being broken in so many countries over the last weeks it's been hard to imagine how this would feel, perhaps you have experienced it?

I have felt really sorry for the people living there or those on holiday trying to follow the advice and stay safe.

I am thinking of doing a fire walk (walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers) later in the year for our Charity. Am I mad!!

I am not sure how safe that will be or how I will cope with the fear about stepping out and doing it. There will be some training, I will be supervised, and I will be with other people. 

Sometimes life can feel like this. Stepping out to do something for the first time can feel hard, daunting and scary, especially if we are doing it on our own.

If you feel like trying something new, we would love to see you at Hope trust, why not step out, you can be sure of a warm welcome, with no hot coals or fire walking in sight!

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