How do you feel about learning something new? Does it fill you with delight or bring you out in an anxious sweet? Perhaps it brings back really good memories of all the things you enjoyed learning at school, did you enjoy the sciences and maths or art and pottery or other more practical lessons like woodwork and cookery?

Or do those memories of school and learning give you very unpleased flash backs of trying, and failing, to learn times tables, or periodic table and quadratic equations?

I definitely have mixed memories of learning at school, some things I definitely struggled with like English and spelling. I am dyslexic, or neurodivergent, so my brain works a little differently around words to most people. This was not something I found helpful when I was at school, but as I got older, I have realised its just a part of me, it makes me who I am, and because my brain is wired differently, I have other creative skills and abilities that come easily to me, that others can struggle with.

I love learning new things now, new craft skills, woodwork, yoga (I will let you know how I get on with that one) Apparently learning new things or relearning old skills or hobbies is really good for our emotional, mental and physical health. We have lots of people who come to Hope Trust who have never played games like rumikub or quwerle, who have a go and and love them. Enjoy the challenge, the winning and loosing! The banter, chat and challenge. Some people enjoy doing the crafts and creating something from nothing using their hands.

We are all different in lots of ways, its part of what makes us special, but we are all the same in others, and we all need other people. Trying and learning new thigs can be challenging but it can be really good fun and good for us, especially when we are doing it with others who are cheering us on. So why not come along and try rumikub or quwerle( other games are available) you might just get hooked!


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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager