Why do weeds grow with no help, no special treatment, no protection and despite all attempts to eradicate them? While many plants require feeding, nurturing, the right amount of watering weeds just grow!!

They grow in the lawn, in the flower beds, in the gravel, in the block paving in the gutter or in seemingly thin air. How can this be? They are on a quest for world domination and often they seem to be winning.

Do you have a tried and tested way of dealing with them? Down on your knees pulling them up individually or a special gadget or tool that helps. Do you have a special formula that you spray them with where you mix several household ingredients to replace off the shelf nasty chemicals?

Our negative thoughts can be a bit like weeds, they seem to pop up completely uninvited. They don't need any cultivating or special conditions to thrive and take over parts of our mind. When we don't pull them up, they quickly multiply and can cover a whole patch of our minds with anxiety, worry and fear.

Some advice from gardeners, that I don't always follow, is to pull a weed up as soon as you see it, while it's still small and before it's had chance to seed itself or spread. Root it out. This is probably a good idea with negative thoughts too, don't give them time to grow and take over. Pull them up, and replace them with other things. Positive people, books, music, get out if you can, do a little jig in the kitchen, go for a walk. Phone a friend!

There are people who you can talk to and who can point you in the right direction to get help. If you can talk to someone and get help early you can stop the issues and thoughts getting any bigger.

Why not come and see us or give us a call? Having a chat can make all the difference, and can replace some of those negative thoughts with other more positive thoughts, smiles and laughter. And if you have any tips for getting rid of the weeds we'd love to hear them.

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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager