Do you like walking in the rain? Or watching it roll down the windows when you're all dry and warm inside? We are all different and sometimes it depends on what you are doing. You might be happy to wrap up in your coat and wellies and take the dog for a walk in the rain but if you are rushing into town to do some shopping you just hate it when your glasses keep steaming up!

Whether you love the rain or not we do need it. The gardens, the farmers, the reservoirs, the waterbutts. After such a hot dry year last year we have a lot of making up to do to return water levels to 'normal'. 

Sometimes , just like a waterbutt, I feel like my water level is running a bit low. My energy, enthusiasm and mood can become a little low and I need to be topped up. Drinking a lot of water, although very healthy, is not what I need when I am feeling like this. I need to get out into nature and go for a walk (even if it is raining); Spend some time relaxing with the family; Go out and meet a friend for a coffee or spend an afternoon with a good book. We are all very different, what tops you up when you are feeling a bit low?

One thing that can help is getting out and being with people, getting a smile and having a chat with someone who takes time to listen to you. And 'laughter really is the best medicine' and you will find plenty of this at our sessions, so if you are running a 'bit low' and need a 'top up' why not come and join us at one of our regular sessions, we would love to see you.

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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager