Well can you believe that another year is over, and we are at the start of a brand new one? Do you agree that time seems to speed up as you get a little bit older, one minute it’s January, then Summer and then, before you know it, those Christmas adverts are back on the telly. How is this possible?

Do you remember when you were a child and the school holidays, especially Summer, seemed to go on forever, each day seemed sooo long. This was wonderful if you were enjoying yourself and out all day playing but torture when you were waiting for something. A day or a car journey seemed so long.

Is it because we are just really busy these days, or there is just too much to occupy our attention. So much to watch on the TV all those game shows, soaps, films and reruns. Perhaps for you, it’s the family keeping you busy helping with grandchildren or great grandchildren, wonderful, exhausting, and great to be able to ‘give them back at the end of the day’. For you it might be a hobby or sport that takes up a lot of your time and energy.

For you it might be the opposite, for all sorts of reasons those things that used to bring you joy or occupy your time might have come to an end and time stands still and drags. This can be painful and make you feel sad and lonely. Making new friends and finding new activities might be difficult for you but as a new year begins it’s the perfect time to do this.

Why not bring your new tablet or mobile to our Tuesday Tech café or learn to play cribbage or a board game that will stretch the brain and make you laugh. Or come along for hot drinks and a chat. You might consider our monthly Film Event followed by a light lunch or join some of the men at the Men’s Munch for a bacon roll.

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