After such a long hot dry summer you might be glad that September is here and a new season has begun. Children going back to school, changing school or starting school for the first time, it's all change for them. 

September is usually the month we celebrate the completion of the harvest, although with this year's weather that, in the most part, finished a few weeks earlier than normal. Is your garden 'over' for the year, all the fruit, vegetables and flowers done? Was it a good year, are you thinking of next year already and changes you might make? I have been thinking about having more drought tolerant plants, less pots and more water butts!

Whether you were looking forward to September's arrival or not it's here. Some of you might have been excitedly looking forward to the change like some of the children who were looking forward to going back to school, however like some children who might be anxious about this new school term, you might be anxious about things. The rising costs of food, fuel and energy are extraordinary at the moment, and sometimes, perhaps when we are alone, it's hard not to get stuck in a loop thinking about these things.

We are starting September with a couple of extra monthly activities: we will be having a Men's Munch on the second Friday of the month and a Games Morning on the first Friday of the month. So if you would like to learn how to play Qwirkle, Rummikub or Cribbage, or if you have been playing for years, we would love to see you. Or if you fancy a bacon roll and a natter with some fellow men with an interesting speaker why not pop in.

All our other regular events are continuing, and they are free of charge.  You can find out more about Hope Trust on T: 01394 272592