August is here and the sun is high in the sky and at its hottest now. The grass looks a little brown from the heat and the dryness of the season. Do you like the heat, is this your favorite time of year? Time for sandals, without socks of course, and shorts, allowing those hidden legs out for a few weeks.

Plenty of sunscreen everywhere, every few hours, to avoid the pain and damage of sunburn and have you got your hat and sunglasses? It makes me hot just thinking about it.

I like the shade. Do you have a favourite shady shot in the garden, the natural shade of a tree or man-made shade of a building, umbrella or gazebo perhaps? Sitting in the shadows sipping something cool or enjoying an ice-cream, well it would be rude not too!

What about at night when it’s hot, do you find it easy to sleep? Have you tried putting your socks and pillowcases in the fridge or freezer before using them at night, did they make any difference? Everyone seems to have their own thoughts on what helps them, whether it’s scientifically proven or not - does a hot cup of tea really cool you down?

What is for sure is that the heat will dissipate, and the weather will change. We will be looking for our jumpers before we know it. We look forward to summer and it’s too hot, we look forward to winter and it’s too cold. We are strange, aren’t we?

So, I am going to try and enjoy the season, being sensible in the heat and doing what I enjoy, to cool down, feet in the water for me! I want to try and treasure this time before the jumpers come out even if it means I must slow down, sit awhile and just rest.

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