70 years on the throne, that really is an incredible achievement for Queen Elizabeth II. She has been such a constant unshakable presence over those years and must have witnessed so many changes in the country, in politics and around the world. I hope she can enjoy this milestone and all its celebrations.

So let me ask you, are you good at celebrating, especially those birthdays with zeros at the end! Some of us have had to put off celebrating special birthdays, anniversaries and events over the last couple of years and some may have been secretly relived about that.

Not that all celebrations have to be big lavish affairs with loads of expensive food, drink and gifts, some are much smaller, quieter and more affordable but just as meaningful.

Celebrations can be bittersweet, they can come with difficult memories from the past of things and people that we have lost, they may make us long for a life that no longer exists.  They may also come with so much joy that we hardly dare to sink into it because if we do, something bad is bound to happen. Not allowing ourselves to really enjoy anything has got to be the best way to protect ourselves against disappointment, surely!

Apparently according to research, older people may have an advantage here. Being more aware of the fragility of life, can lead to more gratitude for today and the acknowledgment that you will never have this moment again can help you celebrate each day. Celebrate all the little things, relationships, friendships, and especially birthdays with zeros at the end.

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Tracy Haskins, Charity Manager