Markers, Notes and Reminders

 Years ago, a trip to the supermarket would have been done quickly, flying between the shelves, mentally ticking off those items that were required that week.  Nowadays, it is less quick and more of a getting almost to the end only to remember we did need butter after all, even though it was at the top of this week’s shopping list.  Thankfully the Covid one-way systems have been done away with as that really did cause problems for those ‘I nearly forgot…’ items!  Nowadays its often a mobile phone that will chirrup, alerting us to the next task, appointment or ‘must do’ activity, assuming of course you can even hear the alert when it goes off – who else misses a call, alert or other notifications because it’s in the depths of a bag or a deep pocket?

For modern travellers, we delight in road signs, road markings and Sat Nav’s to get us around safely; yet spare a thought for those ancient travellers who would have to ask local people the way and in more remote locations may well have lost their way completely.  The Romans knew about the need for road signs and would erect standing stones giving them the distance to Rome - but at least they knew they were on the right path!

For us, we are in the process of determining the correct wording on a very different type of marker – a headstone for a grave - now that really is a challenge.  To sum up the lives of both parents in just a few words is proving taxing, but we know it will be appreciated by those who feel that the installation of such a marker will help them remember in the days to come, giving them a reason to visit on special occasions.

Why are we chattering on about all this?  Well, as June unfolds, here at Hope Trust we really do hope that it will indeed herald the lifting of Covid restrictions including the need for face masks and social distancing.  The joy of shaking the Scrabble boxes and setting the tiles up will be music to our ears!  Follow that with the Rummikub and Qwirkle boards and things will really seem like they are ‘getting back to normal.’  Yet there are so many markers left behind to remind us of the torrid time we’ve all gone through.  ‘For sale’ boards on houses, an empty chair as someone is no longer well enough to attend, an unfinished project, but there are also other markers – neighbours we now know the names of and say ‘hello’ to because they helped by picking up shopping over these past months, walks/places we’ve discovered locally – here at Hope Trust on one of our April walks we took people to Allenby Park, a small, hidden green oasis!  Whether the markers point to good times, or sadder, darker times, they serve as a reminder, the question we must ask as we move forward is this: What new markers do we need to create, find, or identify as we start to move on with our lives and when we look back will we see the progress made from where we were to where we want/need to be?  If you think you’re stuck, don’t despair, Hope Trust is just one of many local organisations here to help, all it takes is a phone call and we will all be there to help point you in just the right direction.

We are Paul & Sheila Taylor (Pastoral Workers) and we can be reached on 01394 272592, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our website then if we can help, we will.