Thursday, July 22, 2021
Hope Trust continues to host its support activities, on Tuesdays with the weekly Technology Cafe, Wednesdays with our Tea & Chat session plus our weekly session in Old Felixstowe on Thursday mornings. We are taking things cautiously at each activity as we want people to remain confident that it is safe to come out and enjoy some company and we know people's attitude to risk varies. So, we are asking for people to wear masks as they arrive and move around then remove the mask when they sit down. Board games feature again, but the use of hand sanitiser is encouraged, windows will be open for good ventilation - thank goodness its summer! We hope that by moving forward cautiously, we can continue to enjoy what we do in a safe manner. Feel free to come along and tell us how we're doing! Paul & Sheila Taylor - Pastoral Workers 22nd July 2021

Welcome to Hope Trust

Welcome to the work of The Hope Trust. We are a local Christian charity serving Felixstowe and the surrounding area, working with people aged 50+. Hope Trust is committed to both the practical and spiritual well being of older people and works to make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Our major focus is on the relief of loneliness and we seek to encourage people to come out of their homes, into a welcoming and relaxed setting, where they can meet up and chat with others; finding new communities and groups of people to connect with.

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AMK - A donor

AMK - A donor

I know that Hope Trust use all financial donations wisely and for the good of all who attend.