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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do. CG Jung

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.  CG Jung

It’s easy to stand at the front of a group and say ‘we will do this’ and ‘we will do that’ but when you look at the detail, the nuts and bolts of how, where, when and who, the challenge really starts!  So for us as a local charity we have said we have an ambition to ‘Explore potential links between younger / older people’ an ambition that seems huge!  Yet, taking time to reflect and discuss about this ambition has prompted us to consider linking up something we know will work for older people, who need more company at the weekend, with this new ambition.  That’s why we will explore whether we can get young people to volunteer to greet, seat, serve and chat with older people at our monthly Sunday lunch, while we cook and serve the meal from the kitchen.  We know older people can feel alone more keenly at the weekend, we have been told it is a time when it can seem as if everyone else is with someone, walking down the high street, sitting in a coffee shop or chatting over lunch in a restaurant, which is why our new monthly lunch hascome into being.  Being invited to lunch, to meet up and chat with other people who are also alone seems like a good thing to do so we will let you know if this idea works, but for now, we are taking words from a planning document and, hopefully, turning them into a reality that suits the needs of the people we serve.

Wonderful Ladies!

Wonderful Ladies

There is a group of amazing ladies who meet each month - they are the Felixstowe, Walton & Trimley Townwomen's Guild - and Hope Trust was delighted to be nominated as their charity of the year for 2015/16.  One talk, a cream tea and other regular activities later and a lovely cheque for £225 was given to the charity at their October meeting.  A big 'Thank You' to everyone who helped raise this sum of money; gifts such as these go a very long way to supporting small charity's such as ours as we seek to help older people in Felixstowe and the surrounding villages.

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Kindness is the language

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see (Mark Twain)

At a recent Trustees meeting one of the Trustees shared a useful tip, suggesting that we record anecdotal feedback of things that people, who attend Hope Trust events, say, write or email that might otherwise be forgotten.  Thus a weekly diary note reminds us both ‘anything to add to anecdotal record book?’  What a joy!  This simple piece of advice, designed to help organisations capture the value of what they do in a different way to hard data like the number of people attending an event has proved to be an enormous encouragement to us as we work with and for older people in and around Felixstowe.

Suddenly we realise just how often the people we, and our volunteers, work with say thank you; thank you for a home cooked meal, thank you for company instead of the same 4 walls staring back, thank you for helping our Mum as she faces a tough time, thank you for visiting the home, thank you for the service it’s a real highlight for me, thank you for this new game – it’s really made me use my brain!  As each comment is recorded a warm glow develops, this glow is rekindled when the book is re-read after a difficult visit, a tough day or an abrupt change to someone’s health is disclosed.  Reading these comments, recorded for just a couple of months now, is a real joy and motivator to keep on, keeping on.  It is because of this experience that the Mark Twain quote really resonated with us when we read it; we would say that whatever language is used, we have evidence that it works!