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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town

Season's Greetings to you all

Season's Greetings to you all

Think we got a mixed reaction to our entry into the Christmas Tree Festival this year – seems you either loved it or loathed it, but what was clear to everyone was you certainly couldn’t miss it!  The blue lights shone right across the hall and if you stopped to read the words on the treads of the ladder you would have seen ‘Relieving loneliness’ ‘One step at a time’.  That sums up what we are trying to do each and every day - we are looking for new ways to reach out and connect with the older people of Felixstowe and the surrounding villages; not an easy task but one we relish.

As one year ends and another begins we will try to build on the links we have, and will have, to encourage each person we meet to think about inviting someone they know to join them for tea/coffee at some point in the new year, then people will help people and this organic network has the potential to grow so that more and more people start to connect, or reconnect, into all that this town has to offer.

So until we blog again in 2016 - Season's Greetings.

Tree Festival

Tree Festival:

Well, here it is!  How to use a 6' ladder as a Christmas Tree - the footsteps going up the ladder say 'Relieving loneliness' 'One step at a time'  Simple, but what we try to do at Christmas time and throughout the year.  Our thanks to everyone who voted for us as the people's favourite - we came 3rd which is amazing considering not everyone understood what the tree represented!

Tree festival small

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.......

Whether you like it, or not!  Not everyone is thrilled at Michael Buble singing to them in every shop, or the 70’s pop group Slade screaming ‘It’s Cchristmasssss’ many weeks before the actual event.  Who, like us, feels that the last Christmas has only just passed and surely it can’t be time to do it all again already?!’  An older relative told us once that a sure sign of ageing is when you think Christmas comes round far way too quickly; you can substitute ‘don’t policemen look young’ and ‘the youngster (who looked about 12) in the computer shop just pressed 2 buttons and everything worked fine!’

Having just returned from an event hosted at the local Town Hall there is no doubt that the issues that face our town and the organisations that work within the community seem to be the same this year, as last year.  Issues around funding, volunteers and making sure people know exactly what help is available are perennial topics.  That being said, there is also a lot that is different; people helped to make new contacts so that they feel less isolated and lonely, people helped to learn how to cook new dishes, volunteers appointed at just the right time to start, and that’s just for us here at The Hope Trust!  Multiply that up by the work of all the churches and volunteer organisations and you arrive at a lot of people helping a lot more people, so there is good reason to rejoice, as well as to be inspired to do more. 

Here at hope trust we might not yet be playing Christmas music but we are planning how we will celebrate the season.  Taking part in the Christmas Tree Festival, making sure the residential homes have copies of the Christmas service DVD and exciting plans which will involve food, music and laughter – we’ll tell you more about that next time!