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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town

Well done!

Well Done!

We want to say a special thank you to our volunteer Angie who was one of this year's recipients of the Mayor's award for 'Outstanding Community Service in Felixstowe.'  Angie was awarded her certificate at a presentation ceremony at Felixstowe Town Hall on 4th May.   Angie started, built and maintains a work taking short Christian services into local residential homes along with her fantastic support group over the last 25 years.  Thank you, we know that it has meant, and continues to mean a great deal to everyone who attends each and every service.

Hope Trust has over 40 amazing volunteers, all who give of their time, humour, energy and enthusiasm and the staff and Trustees of Hope Trust say 'thank you' - each one of you is special and without you, we couldn't get everything done.  Anyone wants to join us, just give us a call.

Angie Awrd 16 website

To rest on one's laurels?

To rest on one’s laurel’s – or not?

Funny how things change, when this phrase was first coined it meant the exact opposite of what it does now!  Today it is seen as not making an effort, becoming lazy, whereas originally it was invariably used as part of a valedictory speech for some old soldier or retiring official. An early example of that usage is found in The Memoirs of the Cardinal de Retz, 1723: ‘The Duke [of Orleans] was old enough to take his Repose under the Shadow of his Laurels.’ (Amazing what you can find out using Google!)

The reason we started looking into the origin of this phrase came when we shared coffee in Costa and decided we’d share some of the feedback we received over Christmas, comments such as: ‘Today has really made my Christmas’ and ‘Watching that Carol service DVD thrilled me as it was as if you were with me on Christmas day!’  In other words, with support, once again we were able to reach, encourage and make a difference to older people, thank you.

So can we ‘rest on one’s laurel’s?  The answer has to be no, not in 2016, we can’t stay where we are, we have to keep exploring, moving forward, reaching those people who this year just might need our help.  According to the 2011 Census, 4.75% of the population of Felixstowe is aged 85+, in other words there is a great deal more to do!  That’s why we will run another Bereavement Support Group, starting 4th April - to find out more you are welcome to meet the course leaders over coffee on Saturday 19th March, 10.45am here at Maidstone Hall. We are also planning to recruit volunteers and then go out and advertise a ‘letter writing buddy’ connection (not a new idea but worth revisiting.)

There is so much still to be done, feel free to join us at any time.



Perhaps tonight I won't be on my own?

One of these dark and lonely nights,

A car will stop by my house and switch off the lights,

Has someone really come to call?

Hurry, hurry, hurry, switch the light on in the hall,

Sudenly the room seems more bright

As someone I love comes into the light.

I thought I could cope with being alone,

Perhaps tonight I won't be on my own?

Written by CH