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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town
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    no-one should be lonely in our friendly town

Missing someone?

Missing Someone?

If you, like us, are busy writing Christmas cards, have you also come across that name in your address book that no longer requires a card as they have passed away? In preparing for this year’s Christmas Tree Festival at the Salvation Army we found some decorations which we used a few years ago.  On each star was the face of someone who either attended our events or volunteered with us. As we looked at all those smiling faces we realised just how many of them are no longer with us.

Here at Hope Trust we are going through, what we call, a ‘Season of Loss.’  Great, amazing people we have had the privilege of knowing, and working with, are no longer with us.  4 funerals in 3 weeks is a salutary reminder of the brevity of life.  The loss we feel, which is nothing compared to the loss the families must be experiencing, has to be acknowledged and dealt with – something we learn over and over again at our twice yearly Bereavement Support Group.  As we come to terms with those losses we are also reminded of the amazing fact that each one of those people lived and had a story to tell.  Stories of travel, love, sacrifice, hard work and joy were common to each person.  So, as we deal with their loss we choose to remember them as they lived, not as they died.  We choose to remember stories of the great and many things they did, not dwell on the fact that they are no longer here.  We choose to keep on doing what Hope Trust is here to do ‘helping older people’ and not give in to our sorrow but enjoy each person now as we find them.

Carol Service

Our first ever Carol Service held here, at Maidstone Hall:

10.30am Friday 22nd December.  All welcome.

Xmas Tree 13


Being alone is very difficult

Being alone is very difficult – Yoko Ono

What do you think the difference is between being alone and being lonely?  One writer describes the difference like this ‘Language has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone and it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.’  Many people are quite happy in their own company, they love to close the door, curl up on the settee with a good book or watch their choice of TV, their innermost being content and possibly even replenishing itself in the peace and quiet.  For us here at Hope Trust we witness many situations when the joy of being alone, silently, inexorably tips into the pain of being lonely.

In recent days we have become increasingly aware of people who, normally content to be alone and haven’t grown new friendships or relationships, suddenly face the reality of there not being anyone around who they can rely on to help them especially in the area of hospital visits.  When hearing news we were dreading, or not expecting at all, it is always useful to have someone alongside you whose job it is to ‘hear’ what is being said – all of it!  That way, when something is remembered inaccurately someone else can offer reassurance and remind you of exactly what was said.  The challenge we are witnessing is, who goes with people who have literally no-one to support them?  It is really important, whatever age we are and no matter how comfortable we are to be alone, to make sure we maintain relationships, continue to create new friendships, that way when we need someone, or our friends and family need us, we are there for them and they are there for us – after all, what’s the alternative?

Hope Trust continues to create and deliver its own events and signposts people to activities that others run, enabling people to stay connected to other people.  Our weekly Technology Café is going well, the last of our Summer Afternoon Teas takes place on Sunday 24th September and the next 6-week Bereavement Support Group starts Monday 30th October with a chance to find out more on Saturday 21st October @ 10.30am.